World Turtle Day: Raise awareness with The WWF…

world turtle day

For more than 100 million years sea turtles have played a vital role in the balance of marine habitats. They have a major cultural significance but more importantly help maintain the health of the sea, grass beds and coral reefs.


Our beautiful square silk scarf was inspired by the Sea Turtle, an endangered species. Sadly some types are considered to be one of the most endangered animals because of human activity. They are slaughtered for eggs, meat, skin and shells whilst also suffering from poaching and over exploitation. Sea turtles habitat also faces destruction and accidental capture in fishing gear.


However, amazingly the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is committed towards the recovery of the species by addressing over harvesting and illegal trade, protecting marine turtle habitat, minimising climate change impact and satellite tracking. You can find out more info here.


We are excited to say with your help, we’d like to donate 10% of all sales of our beautiful Turtle Life silk scarf to the WWF with the hope of helping the cause!


Ladies Turtles Life Silk Scarf

Ladies Turtles Life Silk Scarf


niki p sketch


This stunning silk scarf has been hand illustrated and printed onto the finest quality silk. Our designs are wearable art to treasure for years to come.


Proud to say all our silk scarves are designed, printed and handmade in England.


Check out our video by NIKI P to see more of the Turtles Life silk scarf… World Turtle Day 2016: Help raise awareness with The WWF…


Thank you for all you support. Lets give back!

Niki x

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