Top 10 Tips on How to Look & Feel Beautiful on your Maternity Shoot

During pregnancy your body will change, every mum to be is different and every baby bump unique. It’s a beautiful time and worth documenting. You may not feel like being in front of a camera but I can assure you won’t regret capturing these special moments to cherish forever. Here’s 10 of my top tips on how to feel beautiful on your maternity shoot.

1. Photographer

It’s really important to find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable and is experienced. Angles are important, for example, shooting from above is very flattering with a pregnant bump. But more importantly, they will make you feel great and give you the direction to enable you to have confidence in front of the camera.


Feeling relaxed and confident means you will have fun and the results will be worth it!



2. What to wear

Your body is changing, and this can feel wonderful but at the same time a little frustrating trying to find new clothes that compliment the right area. It’s important to pick an outfit you feel comfortable in as this will make you feel great in front of the camera. Flaunt the areas you love. If you feel you need to wear baggy clothes, do so and you can use your hands to highlight your beautiful bump.


Keep your outfit simple with an interesting detail, try using accessories like scarves or flowers. You can use these as props to make you feel comfortable and highlight the bump.


3. Location

There is definitely something about being outside for a pregnancy shoot. Taking the natural beauty of a woman who’s about to give birth and placing her in the great outdoors is somewhat breathtaking. Try to find an area where there aren’t too many people around to make sure you feel comfortable. Find somewhere with easy access as you will be in your third trimester and will start to feel tired. Experiment with angles, light and the natural surroundings.


4. Professional hair and make-up

This is really important to make you feel special. Pinterest is a great source for researching hair and makeup styles. Pick a couple of images and use these to inspire your own. I was lucky and my photographer’s wife is a makeup artist and they work as a duo, this made it really easy for me and it was great fun working with them both.


5. Posing – standing vs sitting, up high, hands on belly

A good photographer will give you tips on how to pose in the most complimenting positions for a maternity shoot. But it’s always worth having a look to see the kind if thing you are looking for to give him or her some direction. Again pinterest is a great source for this, but trust your photographer as they know best!


Standing vs sitting is always more flattering for a maternity shoot. But try to stand with a knee bent or hip popped. Hands on the belly is a great way to highlight the bump and gives you something to do with your hands without feeling awkward. Sitting can work though so do try this but be careful of the angles.


Shooting from up high is flattering for a maternity. It helps to minimize other parts of the body that might’ve got bigger while highlighting the belly.


6. Keep it natural

Don’t be afraid to smile! Everybody loves a classic shot like this. Vary from laughter to more intense.


7. Couples shots

This is a great way for you to feel more confident in front of the camera. Try doing some couple shots first. Get him to use his hands (appropriately of course!), he can try to hold your bump.


8. Timing

When should your maternity shoot take place? This may depend if it’s your first or second pregnancy, but the aim is to have a nice sized bump on show! I would suggest at the beginning of your second trimester, around 35 weeks. If you leave it too late it will become too tiring and you will feel uncomfortable.


If it’s your second pregnancy you might be able to do a shoot in your second trimester. Also make sure there are no complications, if this is the case best to complete the shoot in the second trimester.

9. Emotion

It can feel strange being in front of a camera. Try to think about the positive emotions you are experiencing during the session, for example the excitement of a new baby! This can really show in the pictures with body language and facial expressions.

10. Have fun!

Don’t for get to smile and have fun. Make sure you haver a photographer who makes you feel comfortable. Relax and let the photographer do his job, you have a beautiful baby bump so capture these moments.

Links and recommendations:

Photography; David Christopher Photography, 

Hair and Make up; Annie Legge,

Hand Illustrated Scarves; NIKI P London,

Location; Sheffield Park and Garden,


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