Sustainable Products at the Royal Botanical Gardens

We had a great show at Handmade at Kew this year. With an extra addition to the team, baby Esme was there to lend a helping hand!

niki p london at kew gardens handmade at kew

We were showcasing our new range of hand illustrated lotus flower kimonos which are made from lotus flower stems. The lotus flower itself is a popular plant that’s picked and used for adornment purposes leaving the stems behind as waste.

These natural stems produce a soft, silky thread making a delicate but sustainable fabric.

Lotus flower is soft, breathable and wrinkle resistant. These properties make it easy to wear, allowing us to produce soft to the touch, beautiful products with less waste.

The great benefits have made this environmentally friendly fabric a popular choice for our hand illustrated kimonos and scarves.


Yasmin wearing our owl kimono. 

We wanted to say a huge thank you to all those who supported us at Handmade at Kew and online. We hope you enjoy your unique products.


lion kimono


We look forward to showcasing next year. For more information please visit


kew gardens

We even managed to take some snaps of the beautiful gardens. It’s a great day out for all…


Temperate House Kew


See you next year! x

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