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Hello and welcome! We are so excited to bring you our new whimsical collection of silk scarves, ‘when temptation knocks, imagination usually answers.’ From water buffaloes, butterflies and flamingos to intricately hand painted botanics, each design has been hand illustrated by Niki and printed onto the finest quality silk as wearable art to treasure for years to come…

Water Buffalos Sapa Vietnam Silk Shawl

We’ve tracked designer NIKI P down to bring you the insights on her new collection…


1. Describe your new collection in 5 words?

whimsical, inspiring, enchanting, art, luxury


2. How did you come up with the name?

I find temptation a fascinating topic! We are all faced with temptations, especially in today’s world, we can have whatever we want with a click of a button but somehow we have this feeling of wanting more?? You could look at temptation as a sign of weakness or having strong will power. But why beat yourself up? We all have those feelings don’t we? I don’t see temptation as a weakness, it’s just learning how to maintain it, understanding and rationalising. Recognising and doing what makes you happy, whether it’s exercise, a trip, good food, spending time with loved ones…balance! Sometimes the scales can tip, but that’s life, we have to put that energy into getting the balance back. I feel so passionate about creating something beautiful, creating wearable art that makes you feel good and puts a smile on your face, as isn’t that what life is about? When temptation knocks, imagine the good things, the things that really make you happy and good things will come…

3. How do you come up with your ideas?

Sounds cheesy but I follow my heart! (probably a concept I should learn to apply in other areas of my life)!! If it feels right and I get that warm buzz I’m on the right track! If that buzz is there, the stories will flow…

4. What is the inspiration behind the collection?

The collection is inspired by travel and natural beauty. As I was saying earlier in life sometimes we are faced with so much choice and temptations it’s easy to forget to stop, really live in the moment and appreciate what is around us. This collection is about taking beautiful details we sometimes miss and celebrating them in my designs as something you get to enjoy everyday, a concept I’ve fallen in love with and will continue using!

After recently visiting Vietnam, a fascinating country filled with breath-taking beauty and unforgettable experiences, I couldn’t resist using the inspiration in my designs. From water buffalo plodding across rice fields to pineapples and the crunch of jungle leaves… my passion is to transfer these elements to design stories aimed to enchant and inspire.

5. Can you tell us a bit about your design process?

I always begin with sketches and water colours on paper, there’s something about the rawness of a hand illustration I just love, you can’t beat it! So I mix the two techniques, old and new, paper and digital to create something truly unique! I then work closely with a family run silk specialist in the UK who use expert techniques to print my designs onto 100% silk.

6. What celebrities could you see wearing your scarves?

Definitely Alexa Chung or Emily Ratajkowski, I love the smart casual look and they smash it! A vital part of the NIKI P brand, I want my customers to feel special, comfortable and confident! I can see ageless fabulous women wearing NIKI P too, the confidence to be themselves, you can wear whatever you want! No one made any rules! I love Gretchen-schields jewellery concept, fine art designs for women with a bold sense of self… she could definitely rock NIKI P silk scarves! For obvious reasons, Iris Apfel is pretty awesome too!

7. Where would you love to see your scarves sold?

Liberty’s! My customers always tell me they want to see my scarves there (always a pleasure to hear) we have a little joke, “see them in Liberty’s in a couple of years!” I’d love to see them global too, New York, Japan, I’m not quite there yet but working on it! Whether it’s a small local independent boutique to a large department store, if they love what I do then they are all just as important to me!

8. Which is your favourite design from the collection and why?

Ah! I’m I allowed to answer that!? I love them all ha! Well, I love them all for different reasons, whether it’s the gorgeous flowers or a particular animal. But really it’s going with the one that makes you feel the most special, the one that makes you feel like you’ve just opened the cupboard and stepped into Narnia!


You can find NIKI P wearable art silk scarves on her shop, don’t forget to follow her on Etsy too!



Ladies All About Monkeys Silk Scarf


Ladies All About Monkeys Silk Scarf


Lizard Animal Pineapple Images Silk Scarf Pink


Lizard Animal Pineapple Images Silk Scarf Pink


Lizard Animal Pineapple Images Silk Scarf Pink


Water Buffalos Sapa Vietnam Silk Shawl

Water Buffaloes Sapa Vietnam Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf

Water Buffalos Sapa Vietnam Silk Shawl


Can Pink Flamingos Fly Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf

Can Pink Flamingos Fly Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf


Can Pink Flamingos Fly Silk Shawl Wrap Scarf

Check out the full collection of NIKI P London wearable art here.

Photographer: David Christopher, http://davidchristopher-photography.co.uk/

Model: Lorena Savvidou

MUA: Tatiana Orlanda

Lingerie: Brighton Lace, http://www.brightonlace.com/

For press or interview enquiries please email: info@nikip.co.uk

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