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Ladies Eagle Silk Scarf

Bright and powerful with this gorgeous Ladies Purple Eagle Bird British Silk Scarf.


This stunning scarf was inspired by a powerfully built bird of prey, the Eagle. Most Eagles are larger than any other raptor and have extremely powerful eyes, some 3.6 times human acuity which enables them to spot potential prey from a very long distance.


Guess what? The dominant chick tends to be a female! We couldn’t resist celebrating this fascinating bird with beautiful pinks, purples and lilacs as something you get to enjoy everyday!


The gradient colours on this design look absolutely gorgeous worn! Feel strong and bold ladies!


Our designs are wearable art to treasure for years to come.


Handmade in England with 100% Silk.


For ways to style your British silk scarf check out our vid, How To Wear A Long Silk Scarf In 4 Simple Styles… 




Ladies Purple Eagle Bird British Silk Scarf is a long silk scarf at approx 2 metres long. Each design has been hand illustrated by NIKI P and digitally printed in the UK with specialist techniques to create wearable art clothing.


We are proud to say all our silk scarves are printed and handmade in England.


Our prints are wearable art designed to enchant and inspire. We hope you love them as much as we have creating them!


Handmade with 100% Silk.



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