Hill Tribe Trekking

“Hey Niki, how’s October shaping up for you? Want to travel Vietnam with me?” A month later we were on a plane heading to one of the most astonishingly exotic and inspiring countries I’ve been too.


40 years after carnage and devastation of war, Vietnam is certainly flourishing as a nation. Let alone the the breathtaking beauty and unforgettable experiences, it’s a country willing to put the past behind them, optimistic and bright with hope. This alone is inspiration enough for me! However, nothing could prepare myself for the epic beauty of Vietnam. A fascinating country, from the buzzing city mopeds and street food, water buffalo plodding across rice fields, locals practicing Thai Chi at Ho Tay Lake, floating oyster farm villages, Kayaking through Hay Long Bay…


Trekking with the Hill Tribes in Sapa was most certainly one of the many highlights. A maze of steep valleys and forest hills, you’ll need to be reasonably fit to avoid laughs from the hill ladies. They trek everyday, in sandals! Tourism has certainly taken hold here but we opted for the two day home-stay, highly recommended. We travelled as a small group with our hill tribe leader and stayed with a family at their home in the hills. For those two days we felt like one big family! What we saw along the way was truly breathtaking…

Sapa Hills Vietnam

Sapa Tribe Lady

louise-trekkingSadly we had just missed the harvest of the rice, supposedly stunning in full bloom. It was tricky balancing alongside what was left of the fields, luckily no wet feet!


Most hill tribe people wear incredible hand woven costumes. It’s easy to believe they learn to weave before they can walk! For part of the way hill tribe ladies would join us on our trek, offering us hand woven gifts from plants they find along the way.

sapa-hearts hill-tribe-making



Painstakingly hand weaving hemp to make into garments.




Passing water Buffalo.


Hầu Thào Sapa Village Vietnam.


Trekking through the rice fields. 






Enjoying a beer after a long day! 


Everyday life.

Sapa Views


Our tour guide!


A beautiful country. If visiting I’d say Sapa is a must. Avoid the towns and launch yourselves into the countryside to appreciate the hill tribe villages that seem a world apart. Once you’ve stepped out and into the lush hills you’ll soon understand Sapa’s real charm!


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