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We hand illustrate ethically made scarves and accessories designed for the modern women who isn’t afraid to embrace life.

Designer and founder Niki, celebrates the beauty of the natural world by hand drawing artworks in a playful but timeless style. Her personal design and attention to detail radiates her passion for colour and textiles, creating unique pieces to cherish forever.

Each whimsical design tells a story aimed to inspire allowing you to stand out in style.

saving our environment

Sustainable Fabrics

Our latest scarves are made from 100% lotus flower, an eco friendly fabric for the fashion conscious.
Lotus flower is soft, breathable and wrinkle resistant making it a popular choice for our hand illustrated scarves.

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Customer Satisfaction

What Our Customers Are Saying.

"I found Niki's booth at the Greenwich Market... I was so struck by her designs and the brilliance of the colours that I could not stop thinking about them. Her designs are so lovely and detailed and her use of colours literally take my breath away. Thank you Niki!"
"Every single person of every place I have been loves your kimono on me. Thank you"
"Absolutely love my NIKI P workout leggings. Not only are these leggings beautiful, but they are also super comfortable and well made"


Niki Pearson

Design and director Niki Pearson is a textile artist specialising in fine drawing. Niki carefully hand illustrates each artwork which is fused with luxury accessories and activewear to stand out in style.

“I love the breathtaking beauty of nature and colour, there is always a new unexpected detail to capture. My aim is to create emotional artworks to inspire and cherish forever. It is important to me that my customer feels comfortable and confident wearing our accessories, it’s easy to dress up a simple outfit with a splash of luxury and colour to make you feel special.” Niki


Yasmin Nasser

After graduating in fashion design Yasmin worked abroad in Jordan at a Haute Couture house. She returned to London as a buying assistant and currently works alongside designer Niki assisting with a range of works from illustrations to customer facing. Always happy to help, complete with a smile, she’s a gem!

“With design you can be as creative and expressive as you want.
I appreciate the time, effort, planning and patience that goes into each individual drawing and so watching these evolve into final print designs and garments will always excite me and of-course seeing other people enjoy them is always a bonus.

With so many natural influences out there, the possibility to create is endless.” – Yasmin

Sales Assistant

Maisie Young

Maisie is currently studying her Bachelors degree in Footwear Design. She has a keen interest in textiles and a fantastic eye for visual merchandising. You can see her at our stand in Covent Garden Apple Market 2-3 days a week.


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