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Inspired by nature and its lovely colors, our latest clothes collection is made for everyone who wants to look stylish while protecting the planet. Eco-friendly fabrics are in our business focus.

New Designs

Royal Scarves

"I found Niki's booth at the Greenwich Market... I was so struck by her designs and the brilliance of the colours that I could not stop thinking about them. Her designs are so lovely and detailed and her use of colours literally take my breath away. Thank you Niki!"
"Every single person of every place I have been loves your kimono on me. Thank you"
"Absolutely love my NIKI P workout leggings. Not only are these leggings beautiful, but they are also super comfortable and well made"
"I'm a full time yoga teacher and I wear Niki's leggings range all the time, they fit and feel great. I'm also soon to be getting my bridesmaids some printed silk dressing gowns!"
saving our environment

Sustainable Fabrics

Our latest scarves are made from 100% lotus flower, an eco friendly fabric for the fashion conscious.
Lotus flower is soft, breathable and wrinkle resistant making it a popular choice for our hand illustrated scarves.

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spring / summer ‘18 collection

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